Rush is the inability to stay in the present

It would be good not to always be in a hurry!
Our physiology is fundamentally the same as other mammals, and our health behaviors should also align with them in some key ways. Your cat for example, for the most part, is just hanging out, not engaged in anything particularly stressful.
He peeks here and there or relaxes.
The pace of our modern life, in comparison, is extremely fast.

Know how to slow down.

Constantly moving through life at a fast pace is harmful to your health because our bodies were not designed for it.
Nature’s wisdom and expectation of us is that we should lead daily lives at a more moderate pace.
We can’t completely avoid moving forward to get things done quickly, due to the demands of the workplace, or emergencies, and so on. But when that rush becomes a habit, we begin to experience unpleasant and significant experiences in our lives.

The present doesn’t s hurry

It is good to consider this perspective: when we decide to accelerate and do things quickly, the implicit expectation is that we want future experiences to arrive sooner.
This automatic expectation means we have less attention and time for the current experience.
After all, it’s impossible to have a current experience and a future experience at the same time, yet that’s what we try to do when we’re in a rush! And when the future experience comes to become the current experience, we are already looking forward to the next experience because we are always in a hurry, as if it were a pattern. This leaves us insufficient time to savor any experience at any time.

Joy and satisfaction don’t need to rush

What is the result of living quickly? Less contentment, he said than life satisfaction, absence of joy. Being in a hurry gives us less time to truly live life, losing its richness. So start and slow down when you don’t need to rush. You will reduce stress, enjoy life and also have time for greater wisdom and inner tranquility. Give yourself permission to slow down when you can. Appreciate the richness of life and the wisdom that slowness can give you. Rita