Counseling and Healing

When facing important, decisive and complex moments, it is important to have by your side a professional who is able to listen and support. A counseling path promotes active and proactive attitudes and encourages personal choices and individual change skills, accompanied by sensitivity and care towards change.

Counseling and Healing

You are welcome!
The counseling service takes place in a cycle of 5 or 10 weekly meetings.
It is a protected space where you can express what you feel and where you can use the tools necessary to overcome the delicate moments transforming the challenges that life offers us into opportunities.

Counseling sessions are supported by breathing, movement practices and meditation and exploration.

My support as a counselor is clear and discreet, it allows you to practice listening, perception and awareness of your choices.


Individual sessions
A space of care and attention dedicated to you, in tune with your needs.
One to one
Single: €70 | 5 sessions: €275 | 10 sessions: €500 | Duration: 1h

For those under 26, 20% discount is available.
2 Euro stamp duty and 4% social security contribution.

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