Sat Nam Rasayan, the healing meditation

Sat Nam Rasayan is a meditative technique of healing; it is a profound experience that opens the human being to infinite possibilities. Its fundamental principle is the ability to feel; thecurator develops the intuition that opens the door to an unknown world of perceptions. Whoever receives Sat Nam Rasayn enters a process of healing and self-knowledge.

The art of healing

 Also called “the art of healing“. Sat Nam Rasayan in Sanskrit means “deep relaxation in the divine name.” With the practice of Sat Nam Rasayan the healer enters a meditative state of deep listening in connection with the one who is cared for.

The healer contacts the resistances that gradually manifest themselves. It is a meditation that teaches you to adhere to reality as it is. It uses the free flow of healing vitality, allowing access to a path of healing and self-knowledge.

Master Guru Dev Singh has kept the ancient lineage of Sat Nam Rasayan alive over time and spread its teachings around the world.

Single session | € 60 | 1h 10m
5 sessions | € 250 | 1h 10m
10 sessions | € 450 | 1h 10m

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