“When your soul is ready, everything else is”

Rita Casadio

Live well and healthy

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Yoga, meditation and breathing

Explore yoga and meditation and find the one that suits your needs. It is important to cultivate your health and well-being every day and discover the energy of the emotions and your inner state. Cultivate a soulful sense and spirituality.

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Counseling and healing

Counseling is a time dedicated to listening, oriented towards introspection and individual growth; in a safe and private space, you can rediscover yourself and develop your skills to thrive in life.

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Self care

Self Care is a life project, a complete and tailor-made path that focuses on “self-care” as a tool for cultivating your well-being every day and in every aspect of life. It is a life project that regenerates the energy and confidence necessary every day to achieve both your small and big life goals.

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I am a counselor, yogi, author, expert in body techniques, meditation and breathing. I help people to improve their life quality and to face their everyday challenges with courage and clarity. I support people with individual sessions, in pairs or in small groups in search of well-being and serenity, in the pursuit of a rich and fulfilling life.

Consciously healthy

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Sleep recovery

Yoga for sleep recovery sessions feature a yoga-based approach designed to address sleep issues. Using postures and breathing practices and lifestyle considerations to build on your strengths the conditions for a good rest and sleep.

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy use specific tools of ancient science of yoga to solve modern world discomfort. It helps to harmonize the body with specific postures and breathing practices and stimulate the body’s natural resources.

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The Retreat is an intense and deep experience. With attention to your personal evolution and your well-being, in connection with nature, all the time dedicated to you, you will go towards a conscious discovery of yourself.

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Meditation at work

It could be considered that bringing meditation into the company would not be useful, would take up time and would not have direct benefits on work and relationships in the company. However, I can reiterate that the direct and indirect effects on productivity and...

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Retreat into silence to find peace

Retreat into silence to find peace

Silence is another way of saying peace, that state of inner well-being that makes us confident in life. Peace and tranquility are lacking in almost all of us, while everyday life occupies our attention and our mind and distances us from ourselves. In the stillness of...

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