Sleep recovery

I propose a path focused on sleeping well, but also on awakening in a common sense and in a spiritual sense. In a welcoming space you can allow yourself to explore your sleep and find together the solutions to transform it and make it deep and complete.

The method

Yoga for good sleep
is a method based on yoga in different phases to improve your sleep and to wake up every day in a state of well-being and serenity.

To sleep more deeply, we need to bring our habits into balance and realign ourselves with the natural cycles of day and night.

This method works both internally and externally, it teaches you to recognize your type of sleep and to understand what you need, in order to bring harmony back into your life.
It teaches you to ease tensions, realign yourself with circadian rhythms and manage your nervous system; to rest your mind, to process what is happening in your life, to reconnect with nature and to rediscover your joy of living.

It is possible to deepen the Yoga method for sleeping well with weekly individual classes, short retreats from one to five days and workshops on demand.

1 session 70 € | 1h 10m
5 sessions| 275 € | 1h
10 lezioni | 500 € | 1h

yoga for good sleep in milan