Yoga during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a unique experience that brings with it physiological and psychological changes.
The body follows its path working at full speed to nourish and protect; the woman experiences new emotions and a new perception of herself and her body.
The practice of yoga during pregnancy helps to observe and experience physical and emotional changes, to learn to know oneself deeply and to adopt all those tools that allow the woman to awaken her own innate and powerful maternal sensitivity.

Mom and baby

Yoga can be a real panacea for pregnant women; while moving and stretching all the muscles in a soft way, mom become aware of her body as it changes.

Yoga during pregnancy is a relief for the body which, especially in the delicate phase of the first trimester, seeks new balance.

It improves circulation, promotes sleep and is an excellent preparation for childbirth, as the different asanas help the fetus find the correct position for birth, furthermore many yoga positions prove to be comfortable for childbirth.

The regular practice of yoga makes the body of a future mother stronger, but it is the new internal strength acquired that will be a resource for the experience of being a parent.

Yoga teaches how to breathe correctly and calm the mind by reducing the production of adrenaline and supporting future mothers during the moment of childbirth.

With asanas and deep relaxation, the mother learns to listen to herself and come into contact with her baby, creating the intimacy necessary for the peaceful development of the unborn child.


Individual sessions
A space of care and attention dedicated to the mother and her baby.
One to one
Single: €70 | 5 sessions: €275 | 10 sessions: €500 | Duration: 1h

For those under 26, 20% discount is available.
2 Euro stamp duty and 4% social security contribution.

yoga in gravidanza