Yoga and meditation retreats

The Retreat is an intense experience. With a look at your personal evolution and your well-being, in connection with nature, space and time at your disposal, you will be able to experience a conscious and regenerating lifestyle that will be useful for you in everyday life.

Retreat to be reborn

The Retreat is a time for yourself, to regain your well-being and to pursue your personal development. It’s the opportunity to let go of everyday life and get in deep contact with your inner voice in a vast space and in a time marked by breathing, yoga practice, and

The rhythm of the day is shaped around a regenerating philosophy for the body, mind and spirit; in connection with the natural environment you will be able to experience a conscious lifestyle, take care of yourself and enjoy the little big things in life.

I accompany you step by step with practices tailored for you using all the tools useful for deepening the aspects of your life that most you care about.
Nothing is left to chance: the choice of place and the program, the choice of food and the best practices.

The sessions are alternated with moments of rest and relaxation to regenerate your energies and enrich you with new vitality.

Customized proposals from 2 to 7 days, upon request.
Individual retreat or for small groups of up to 6 people.

Yoga and meditation retreats in milan