Family Constellation

With family constellations we observe the dynamics that create pain and allow the original love to come to light and start flowing again and we overcome the limits of the love we have placed on ourselves and others

Family Constellation: finding harmony in life

Constellation work is one of the most efficient methods of holistic consultancy and has been applied for over 35 years, initially only for families, today also for businesses and organisations.
Different forces act in systems that influence the behavior of the individual member and each system is subject to certain principles that guarantee the boundaries of a system and ensure stability. If these principles fail for a prolonged period, difficulties for the system result. The Constellations aim to make the forces and agents that hinder visible and perceptible, with attention to the different possibilities: what could the system support? What resources are available? What changes are possible?
Free of side effects, Family Constellations offer a new profound and concrete vision of what makes love work in emotional relationships: bringing to light what has remained hidden and bringing out the movements that can heal old wounds and restore the orders of love.
I propose individual sessions preceded by an interview and reading of the family tree.

Single Session €70 | 1h 10m
5 lessons | €275 | 1h
10 lessons | €500 | 1h

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