Meditation is the art of bringing attention towards oneself, it is a taking care that we can give to ourselves at any moment: remain in touch with what is moment by moment and give space to emotions, physical perceptions, sensations.

Let yourself be carried away by the wave of awareness.

In my sessions, Meditation occupies an important place as it promotes inner peace, intuition and connection, but also brings benefits to physical and mental health.

Deeper breathing, more regular blood pressure, nice mood and heart rate initiate physiological effects that counteract the body’s response to stress. On the pillow we learn the practice, and then we bring it into life!

I propose progressive paths of Vipassana, Mindfulness, The power of Now, Aro Meditation, Tonglen and teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of Pema Chodron.

Single Session €60 | 1h 10m
5 lessons | €250 | 1h
10 lessons | €450 | 1h

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