Massage for the soul

Massage is as important for well-being and health as the practice of yoga, good breathing and a healthy diet.
It stimulates the individual to recognize their natural boundaries, to inhabit the body, to rediscover the unity of the body and the joy and pleasure of contact.

Return to the body

Within a path of personal growth, a massage becomes a moment of profound physical and
mental relaxation and reconciliation with oneself and the outside world.

During the treatment, breathing becomes calmer and deeper and develops the movement of the
diaphragm which, in turn, exerts a light self- massage on the internal organs.
The body is oxygenated, circulation improves and encourages the elimination of waste.

It has beneficial effects on the nervous system, skin and immune system; stimulates the
production of serotonin, a natural calming agent and dopamine, the good mood hormone.
Useful for those suffering from insomnia, migraines, stress and improves psychophysical well-being.

Massage immerses the body in its essential energy flow, puts us in touch with our natural energy centers, generates wholeness and extends awareness to the entire body.
I propose a massage that manifests itself from listening, with a gentle and dynamic touch; I follow the bodily form of awareness with the fluid rhythms of simple repetition, like a moving mantra.

In massage, the energy of giving and receiving, becomes circular, creating a circuit that facilitates healing and natural rebalancing.


A space of care and attention dedicated to you, in tune with your needs.
Individual sessions
Single: 60€ | Duration: 1h

For those under 26, 20% discount is available.
2 Euro stamp duty and 4% social security contribution.

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