Metamorphic Technique

It is a light massage which, when applied to specific areas of the body, is able to lightly dissolve limiting blocks which often develop from the moment of conception up to gestation. It encourages changes at different levels: physical, emotional, mental. It releases new energy allowing you to abandon old schemes, promotes self-realization and supports the path of personal evolution.

The technique

The Metamorphic Technique acts through a soft brushing in precise points of the feet, hands and head; the body releases tensions and difficulties experienced in the prenatal period, thus activating the vital energy that has been blocked for some time.

This technique leads to a ‘magical’ and ‘unusual’ dimension of self-discovery, activates the energy of transformation and stimulates change, bringing calmness and tranquility.
It is suitable for everyone, and is especially helpful for children and supports all those who are going through difficult times.

The revolutionary discovery made by the naturopath and reflexologist Robert St. John was that the gestation of the human being is inscribed on the reflex of the spine and in the foot – the prenatal period – the time in which, in addition to developing the physical body, we also place the foundations of all our other aspects: the mental, the emotional, the spiritual, our psychological characteristics.

His student and collaborator Gaston Saint-Pierre followed up on his discovery, giving shape to the method through which one becomes aware of the execution of the practice and its fundamental principles.

The Metamorphic Technique takes place in individual sessions by appointment.


Single session | € 60 | 1h 10m
5 sessions | € 250 | 1h 10m
10 sessions | € 450 | 1h 10m

Metamorphic Technique milan