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Kundalini Yoga

The ancient practice of yoga is one of the most popular methods to relax, reduce stress and eliminate physical discomfort. Nervousness, contractions, insomnia, headaches, depression, are just are just some of the symptoms through which the body tell us a state of stress and the need to stop. Living with relaxed mind and body is our natural state, but the modern life has made us forget it; relaxation is the password to health and vitality, it is a tonic for mind, body and spirit.
My yoga is inspired to Hatha Yoga, the practice of asanas or postures and pranayama or breathing exercises; a natural way to lead to relax and feel good.
Through movement and positions I teach to perceive the body and the breath.
Paying attention to the breath, feeling the movement and the energy that comes from, relax body and mind and gives a sense of joy and contentment.