Meditation at work

It could be considered that bringing meditation into the company would not be useful, would take up time and would not have direct benefits on work and relationships in the company. However, I can reiterate that the direct and indirect effects on productivity and sociability in the company are tangible.

Stopping the mind to be with ourselves and others

Meditation teaches us to stop the busy mind and enter the calm and silent heart. Instead of always thinking, our awareness can be open, soft and present and realize that we are there and that there are others around us who are part of a whole, in this case the company. No matter what the circumstances of our day, frustrations and desires do not need to constantly occupy and overflow the river of our awareness. We don’t need to live in constant stress, even in the workplace.

The beauty of the moment

Meditation brings us to the beauty of the moment, to the river of our being, simple and free. There is an alternative to our constantly moving mind, it is simple peace. It brings us to pure awareness, to our natural state of being, to infinite and continuous presence. Thought and awareness are two separate things. We can see, hear, taste, touch and feel life directly without the filter of our constant thoughts.

The present heart

Imagine a life where you can simply be when you want to be and think when you want to think. As we live with a present heart from our heart essence, our thoughts, dreams, feelings become more authentic. Then we can put our heart into what we do and therefore also into the work, we can add presence and awareness to live every moment of our work as a satisfying experience that does not only have to do with the work itself, but has to do do with ourselves, with our essence. This brings more clarity to our relationships, work and life in general.

Rita Casadio, February 2024