Lern from the silence

I learn new things and I’m not afraid of change!
I like continuous training. Always. If learning were a job, I would apply. Learn to keep your mind fit and flexible and if you are the instrument of your learning, after a silent retreat your personal development will help you see challenges in a different light.
Learning brings new possibilities into your life. It makes you smart and happy because curiosity releases dopamine in the brain. Our happiness center reacts to beautiful and new stimuli.
It is therefore important to learn something new that interests us and arouses our curiosity. If this something new has to do with you, it can’t be anything but exciting!

Learn from yourself

If this something new has to do with you, it can’t be anything but exciting! Meditation is an ongoing education that broadens your horizons – your horizons! – has to do with you. It has to do with learning from you, from your breathing, from your being still and in silence, from your letting go.
It has to do with listening to you, to what is happening in you moment by moment.
It has to do with learning from your body, from the physical sensations that, multiple and vital, happen without you realizing it. It has to do with developing intuition and learning to seize the moment, that moment which is creativity and passion.
After meditation we often have good ideas and feel calm and centered: a good prerequisite for making decisions. We abandon stress and are relaxed, thus learning to let go and look elsewhere.
Learning something new is doing something good for yourself.

The new dates for withdrawing

A retreat made up of precious days free from everything and daily tasks.
It includes physical practices, yoga, meditation, breathing and coaching and takes place in a simple place of hospitality, good food and slow living.
The next dates: from 12 to 14 April, from 10 to 12 May, from 30 May to 2 June. The last data in particular is dedicated to companies and can be carried out for the entire period or in a shorter time.