The benefit of meditation

The physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of meditation have been well documented for many years. Scientists, philosophers, and religious leaders have heralded the power of meditation. If you are experiencing stressed, anxiety, depression, consider trying meditation. Spending even a few minutes in meditation can help you. But the benefits of meditation are not just physical and psychological, they are just the side-effects.
The most important and well-known are:
supports stress reduction and activation of the parasympathetic or rest and digestion system
Promotes self-regulation of emotions, thoughts and behaviors
Cultivate prosocial behaviors such as compassion, empathy and happiness
Supports the transition to healthier lifestyle choices through intuition
Improves mood and mental-emotional health
Supports administrative functioning through the development of concentration and distraction management skills
With the practice of meditation it is possible to experience the support of a deep knowledge of yourself. This knowledge can provide a fresh perspective that promotes profound changes toward balance and wholeness.
Balance is an important practice that helps cultivate centering and grounding and improves the quality of our thoughts and also affects our physical health.
A good meditation allows us to reconnect to our true self, calming the mind and regulating the breath. The art of meditation therefore stimulates the balance of energy and allows greater concentration on oneself and one’s emotions.
Rita Casadio, 21 maggio 2023