Silence brings us closer to the heart

Love and awareness that we in our daily world finds its source within us.
Resting our attention on the heart is a new life, a new perspective, full of new trust and joy.
A silent retreat is a time of personal introspection and great growth; it is the opportunity to look inside yourself and observe your possibility of being, without the frenzy of doing.
You will discover that awareness freed from the mental burden and daily ‘doing’ is joyful, simple, pure.
You will be able to have the magical experience of contacting your heart and crossing the love that is within you.
I’m talking about that love that will make you serene and confident in life, that love that will show you the path to take.
The more difficult it is to separate ourselves from our daily routine and be on retreat, the more rewarding a silent retreat can be! Put aside all the fears and thoughts that tell you that it will be too difficult for you to live in silence, that you wouldn’t be able to be without normal distractions.

Beauty and semplicity of silence

The beauty and simplicity of silence, the people who share the path with us, nature, good food and heart-centered meditation in silence are the gifts that will remain in you and continue to bear fruit.
You will be calmer, more serene and more stable in everyday life when you have contacted the heart space within you.
You will have understood that you will be able to rely on your resilience, on your courage – which is the typical quality of the heart – on your strength.
I invite you to participate and remember the next date, with the possibility of anticipating the arrival by a day:
26/28 January 2024 and 16/18 February 2024
Rita Casadio, 30 October 2023