Retreat to regain balance

The word ‘retreat’ describes a planned break or retreat from your usual environment to find your way back to balance.
I’m so excited to announce that there will be new dates for my retreats starting in October!
Individual retreats from 1 to 7 days, but also in pairs or small groups
I would like to take you with me to special places away from your daily life, expectations, stress and pressure.
A variety of exercises for body and mind, wholesome meals, yoga, meditations, deep conversations, relaxation awaits you!
A time dedicated to yourself where slow rituals, silence and empty spaces are among the most important tools for letting go of everyday life and returning to yourself.
Why retire is important?
Do you feel exhausted, stressed and often irritable? Do you want to share something profound looking each other in the eye? Are you looking for inspiration to regain your self-esteem and to make your daily life healthier?
Do you feel the need for a break where you can take care of yourself and where you can let yourself go?
A retreat is a time dedicated to listening, awareness and practice. A time dedicated to your well-being.
A retreat is also a refuge where you can rediscover lost energy and indulge in an ‘other’ time made up of full and empty spaces that flow together.
A retreat is a time completely dedicated to you: by stopping and dedicating yourself completely, you will rediscover your sense of self and your balance.
Rita Casadio, 30 June 2023