Retreat into silence to find peace

Silence is another way of saying peace, that state of inner well-being that makes us confident in life. Peace and tranquility are lacking in almost all of us, while everyday life occupies our attention and our mind and distances us from ourselves. In the stillness of the moment, moment by moment, we find our true awareness which is also the vital energy with which we are in tune with life. The peace that is present helps us to let go of everything we carry in our minds. Stillness invites us to the silence of the heart which is the place of true awareness: peace lives here.

The benefits of a silent retreat

Taking time for silence opens us up to myriad possibilities:
– bring us closer and feel firm in life
– allows us to inhabit our body
– allows you to touch our hearts
– recharges us with energy with which to flow better in life
– gives us well-being and health

Find your way again

The more life rushes you, the more important it is to learn to live slowly and it is never too late to find your place of inner calm and learn to know the landscapes of the soul. Living slowly means finding your way and achieving more with a smile in your heart and bringing well-being to you and everyone around you. Inner silence will bring a new rhythm to your life, kindness, openness, generosity, more heart for yourself and others. Give yourself a few days of retreat and enjoy the potential of life in peace.
Next dates: 26/28 January | 16/18 February
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Rita Casadio, January 2024