Retreat into silence, the slow living.

A retreat is a moment of reflection dedicated to you, your well-being and your personal development.
It’s an opportunity to let go of everyday life and come into deep contact with your inner voice and your breath.
The rhythm of the day is shaped around a regenerating philosophy for the body, mind and spirit; in connection with nature you will be able to experience a conscious lifestyle, give yourself the attention you deserve and take care of yourself while enjoying the little big things in life.
The silent retreats is a precious days free from everyday things and the frenzy of doing. In stillness you can open to an inner state of love and beauty. These qualities are always present in you, but they are compressed and hidden by daily activities, by the activities of the mind and by all the distractions that take us away from us.
The gift of silence is having nothing to do with nothing to say. In silence the mind is resting in the stillness of your heart.​
It is not simply not speaking, closing your mouth or excluding noise, but like when you turn off the lights and sit with the flame of a candle or the fire in the hearth, the outside world fades away and you sit with the soft, silent glow of silence.
And like a flame, silence has a particular charm and has much wisdom to share about awareness, attention, breathing and transformation. Silence means entering the luminous temple of our heart, listening to each other, feeling and basking in the soft light of timeless and objectless joy. As specified on the dedicated page of my website, you will notice that my retreats – individual or in small groups – offer the opportunity to unplug from the noise and demands of everyday life. My approach emphasizes simplicity, sincerity and slow living.
The program offers moments of physical practices and moments of meditation in the sweet container of a simple place made of good hospitality, delicious food and wonderful nature.
Come and discover it in January and February!
In a simple and magical place made of good and welcoming things; there is good food prepared with care that restores and nourishes, nature around, warm and comfortable accommodation, people around with a kind smile and the simplicity of sitting together listening to your heart.
Next dates: 26/28 January 2024, 16/18 February 2024.
More availability on request. | 380 3678354