Metamorphic Technique: the life force

When we get sick and go to a doctor or therapist, we expect to get immediate results and tangible changes, in short we hope to find someone who eases our tensions and soothes our emotions. In short, we want external help that gives us results instantly.
Over time we have lost our ability to take responsibility for our health, but we can choose to move with awareness and have the experience of seeing, as changes are experienced, our energy blocks and their release.
In the Metamorphic Technique the changes present themselves as a subtle reorientation, a new direction, the feeling of being on the right path.
Old habits fall away, energy changes, the mind becomes calmer, thoughts crystal clear.
When energy moves at a deep level, the changes are intangible; it’s like wanting to look at a plant that is growing, it’s not that simple to be able to observe it.
We don’t realize that transformation comes from within, we ourselves are the transformation. It is not possible for us to measure it by comparing it with something fixed, because everything within us is in a state of fluidity.
You cannot define the nature of change, how long it takes, or how life unfolds, because you cannot define how life unfolds.
How does the momentum of the change movement happen?
It comes from the life force and in order to achieve an unblocking, it will devise circumstances or coincidences that cannot be explained. Any event in our life may be necessary to reach a state of wholeness: the life force will combine things so that internal healing finds its way, takes its course and manifests.

Rita Casadio, 09/25/23