How to fall asleep fast

Here are five simple ways to fall asleep quickly, small actions to consciously improve the quality of your sleep.
1. Create a favorable sleeping environment with a good mattress by choosing the most pleasant bedding according to your needs, using pillows under the knees that can increase comfort and reduce the load on the back. Darken the room well and use a mask and ear plugs if necessary.
2. Follow a consistent and regular sleep routine like a warm bath or relaxing shower and a few minutes of meditation and yoga with the right asanas. It is necessary to limit the time you spend in front of digital screens to limit the exposure of the eyes to blue light which interferes with your circadian rhythm.
3. During the day it is important to create moments of rest and leisure that allow you not to arrive too tired and overloaded at bedtime.
4. Going to bed and turning off the light at the same times can improve your ability to fall asleep.
5. If after about 20 minutes you haven’t fallen asleep, it’s useful to change your pattern, for example changing your position, reading a few pages of a book, getting up and having a hot drink, listening to music, doing relaxing breathing practices. And then try again.

Work with, not against, the circadian rhythms through this simple tools will help you to manage your nervous system out of the stress response, and into the relaxation response.

Rita Casadio | May 15, 2023