Create a comfortable environment for good sleep

There are several aspects that help create a comfortable environment for good sleep. 
According to a survey conducted by The National Sleep Foundation, a comfortable mattress is a key element. A good mattress is made with natural materials, wool or cotton, it adapts well to the weight and height of the body, it shouldn't be too stiff, but also soft, it has a height that varies from 20 to 30 centimetres.
Then you have to work hard to make the bedroom environment as comfortable as possible. It is necessary that sheets and blankets are pleasant and in natural materials, with relaxing colors. Darkening the room well is another key factor: it is good that there are no light infiltrations from the window and if this is not possible, you can use the sleep mask which allows you to keep out the light, or the plugs for the ears to minimize interference with the outside world.

It is important to obtain an ideal temperature, around 18 degrees, which facilitates sleep and respects its natural physiology. It is also important that in general the environment is tidy and relaxing, that it does not serve as a place to work or study.
As for the position, it is also possible to place large cushions under the knees, thus increasing comfort and reducing pressure on the back.
Before falling asleep, a good shower, not too hot, listening to relaxing music, meditating or practicing slow breathing is useful; all these actions facilitate relaxation and reconciling sleep.

Rita Casadio, June 2, 2023