Self Care

Self Care is a life project, a complete and tailor-made path that focuses on "self-care" as a tool for cultivating well-being every day and in every aspect of life.

The Project

It is an individual course on a weekly basis, with sessions lasting one hour and ten minutes each, developed in 8 meetings.

  • Sleep and rest: learn good practices for restorative sleep.
  • Breathe: breathe well at all times of your day.
  • Moving: let's discover together the most suitable physical practices for you because moving your body is important for your well-being and health.
  • Get excited: make room for emotions and recognize them to find serenity.
  • Good habits: re-evaluate your daily habits and make room for new possibilities to make your day more enjoyable.
  • Balances and values: discovering new balances to bring energy and harmony into your daily life.
  • Spirit and Spirituality: rituals to add a touch of spirituality to your life!
  • The gift: a gift to honor the path you have made, the well-being you have achieved and the difficulties you have overcome with commitment and confidence in your abilities.

An interview of knowledge and in-depth analysis of the Project can always be useful. Now also online.

Book of 8 meetings 450 € | 1h 10 m
Book of 8 online meetings 400 € | 55m

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