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Physical practices for health

Meditate for well-being and health
Meditating is easy and effective; it activate the body’s ability to heal. Some of the physiological benefits that meditation can give us: a deep state of rest, much deeper than in the sleep, reduction of stress hormone, increased happiness hormones, the serotonin, it gives us a sense of calm and well being.
The body is relaxed, the mind is quiet and we contact the inner joy and our inner beauty.
When the intelligence of the body is awakened, the mind is natural and bright and perceives the truth which manifests itself and brings benefits to daily life; all that leads us to the essence of who we are.

Moreover meditation:
* Reduces blood pressure
* Reduces emotional hunger
* Reduces sensitività to pain
* Reduces anxiety and stress and the risk of heart attack and stroke
* Reduces insomnia
* Improved memory and creativity
* Improves mood and makes people happier
* The vital energy flows freely and exuberant

Young brain

Physical practices and yoga and meditation together, become a unique practice that contributes to welb-being and health  and shows the way to keep  our brain young, dynamic and strong. With the practice we can enhance the quality of our mind, refresh memory and concentration. I’ll teach you to relax and regenerate your mind returning it to its natural state: intuitive, creative, vibrant and perceptive.

The Metamorphic Technique

The Metamorphic Technique accompanies gently to a profound change. Light touches and brush on very specific points of feet, hands and head, release blocked energies from the time of pregnancy and  dissolve sold prenatal patterns.  A natural process of transformation will be activated and changes will manifest themselves in all aspects of life.

A ‘magic’ dimension  that leads to a personal and individual discovery, intense and fascinating.