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On the pillow

When I sit down on the pillow and listen to my breath, I meditate.
When I walk, I sing, I dance and I talk, I meditate. So what is meditation?
When I meditate I lean the attention to myself, I take care, listen and observe, I recognize I recognize what happens moment by moment. I learn friendship with myself and if it brings up emotion or discomfort, rather than flee, I’m curious and I rear the truth.
Meditation is the first step in learning how to flow with life.
It is possible meditate anywhere … sitting or standing under trees or into the water. In silence or singing. Studying or walking, eating or talking.

Pay attention! Weird and wonderful things can happen:

  • drawbacks of your daily life can not bother you so much
  • incredible coincidences appear more often
  • have less need of material things
  • are aware of the present moment and when you’re with people you love, you’re really with them
  • when you eat you notice the tastes, smells and colors
  • you trust your instincts because you can hear and feel
  • you manifest in your life what you really are

The path of awareness

My practices lead people to the present moment.
Living in the Moment of Now is not an exercise or a philosophy, but a necessity for the inner and outer peace, wellness and for the balance of all. Counsciousness is a dimension of truth, that happens ‘now’; life happens in the moment of ‘now’ and ‘this’ moment we find love and joy.
The practice of The Power of Now, lead to the wisdom of the here and now, at all times, in a space without time.

Lo sguardo dentro

Meditare, in essenza, è volgere lo sguardo dentro ed essere consapevole di ciò che accade in ogni istante. E’ appoggiarsi al fluire di ogni emozione, di ogni attrito, di ogni soffio di respiro, di ogni battito del cuore. E’ arrendersi all’immensità di ciò che siamo e riconoscere l’Uno dentro e fuori di noi.