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In the water

From our old sensitivity to the water we still receive an important nutrition: close to the water and into the water we find calm, clarity, balance and depth; when our gaze rests on the water we receive benefits physical, emotional and cognitive.
We recognize more and more the need to return to water wisdom and meditating in the water give us an intense practice. The experience into the water is for everyone and gives profound benefits.
In the water what is trapped inside for long time, melts; we enter a space of inner silence and profound and spontaneous freedom; the time fades, the fear dissolves, the mind is still and the body is free.

The water rituals

Water Rituals are short meditations that use water, breathing, gestures and speech.

Through water rituals we recognize the spirituality of water and we celebrate the sense of life, we bring richness and understanding in our lives, we become in contact with a healing force that will guided us. To be in contact with the force of water, strengthens our intention to awakening and leads us into a space of clarity and transparency

I shared the teachings and practices of meditations in the water of Marina Borruso and the power of water teachings of Dr. Masaru Emoto.