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About me

I study and practice all that can bring well-being, awareness and individual growth.
I teach meditation, yoga, physical practices for health and wellness, the Power of Now and water meditation. I teach to live the present moment, to meet yourself and to embrace life with clarity and transparency.
I studied with masters and teachers around the world; to them goes my gratitude and my thoughts: Elmar and Michaela Zadra, Batty Thunder Bear Gold Eagle and RoseThunder Fink, Andrea Juhan Rosenberg, Gabrielle Roth, Bert Hellinger, Marina Borruso, Pema Chodron.
I’m counselor and yoga master first level and cooperate with psychologists, doctors, training schools and companies.

Meditation Lounge

I thought about Meditation Lounge as a place where people feel welcome and free to meet themselves and the consciousness of their body.
Using different techniques of meditation and breath, the Power of Now, mantra, mudra.
Physical practices, ancient and modern, together with yoga and meditation, become a unique teaching serving well-being, health and conscious living.
I lead individual sessions, small groups, online counseling and meditation session, open-day and retreats.
Meditation Lounge is also a place where events, workshops and meetings born from awareness and joy.