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“Rest your mind, slips in the places of silence, the deep space inside you.”

Rita Casadio

Meditation Lounge

I study and practice all that can bring well-being, awareness and individual growth.
I teach meditation, yoga, physical practices for health and wellness, the Power of Now and water meditation.

I teach to live the present moment, to meet yourself and to embrace life with clarity and transparency.

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Meditation is support the attention towards you , relax and understand.
It’ freeing the attention from the mind …

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The Meditation Louge’s blog .
Here are details on meditation and the practice of well-being.

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Meditation into the water

From our old sensitivity to the water we still receive an important nutrition: close to the water and into the water we find calm, clarity, balance and depth; when our gaze rests on the water we receive benefits physical, emotional and cognitive.

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